1. Step1


    Feel free to contact us !
    If you are in a rush, you can move in on the same day. If you can tell us about when you're planning to move in, we'll be able to tell you which house is suitable for you plus what kind of resident lives there and cost of stay.

  2. Step2

    Making appointment

    If you want to see the house,
    let us know which day will be good for you to come.
    If the timing is right, you'll get to meet the current resident.

  3. Step3

    Preliminary inspection

    We recommend you to have a look at the house.
    Our shared house is made by 5-8 rooms so we will be looking for people who can cooperate with one another.
    If you are the selfish type who have communication problem, we might not accept your move in.
    [If you live outside Tokyo. ]
    If you either live away from Tokyo or live overseas, we'll still be able to show you the house by house movies.
    Feel free to discuss what your situation is!

  4. Step4


    If you plan to book the room, you'll need to pay the deposit money and show us your ID (passport, health insurance card, drivers license etc.)

  5. Step5

    Moving in

    Move in procedure We'll give you your sharemates contact info before you actually move in.
    Then on the day you move in, we'll be waiting for you at the house and we'll give you the keys there.
    If your move in date is not the beginning of the month, we'll calculate the rent on daily base and let you know!
    ★Please bring your own beddings
    ★If you're sending your luggages to the house, please make them come after you actually moved in.