Rent and Cost

Initial cost

1.Deposit money 30000yen. (Installment payment available)
★20000yen will be given back if there’s no problem during your stay.
2.For the first months rent, you only need to pay in daily base.(rent and utility fee)
(Common service fee ranges from 300-500yen. Depends on which house you stay)
3.Bed sheets and mattress pad fee 2000yen.
(One time only. )

★(About deposit money)
From 30000yen deposit, cleaning fee 5000yen and administrative fee 5000yen will be deducted.
If you stay over the minimum staying period and inform your departure date one month prior, you'll be able to get your 20000yen deposit back.

Cost monthly 1.Rent
2.Utility fee 8500Yen
(Utility fee is 8000yen. You need to pay beforehand with the rent)
3.Common service fee. 300-500yen.